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Company bodies’ competences

Company bodies’ competences

General assembly – It’s the meeting of the company’s shareholders. In ECT case, for being a public company with 100% of its capital owned by Federal Government, the shareholder is represented by the National Treasury General Attorney’s Office.

Administration Board (AB) – it is up to the AB watch over services continuity, observing reliability, quality, efficiency indexes, and other requirements set forth by Ministry of Communications; management transparence, efficacy and legality; protection and valorization of Company patrimony and maximization of investment return. 

Audit (AUDIT) – it is up to Audit support ECT high administration in its search for organizational objectives fulfilment by providing relevant information on the company internal controls, obtained by means of internal and external audits.

Fiscal Board – it is a body that inspects administrators and budget, finance and patrimonial management acts, working permanently.  It performs assignments foreseen in art. 163 of Law nº 6404/76, and other applicable norms.

Executive committee – Special structure with collegiate deliberation, composed of the company executive superintendents, responsible for the support to Executive Direction in formulation, implementation and monitoring of the company strategy and coordinate and follow areas tactic and operational actions.

Presidency – In charge of directing, supervisioning, coordinating and controlling the company activities, acting specifically in corporate strategy coordination and innovation process, representing ECT institutionally in national and international ambits, before all involved parties, in the fulfillment of deliberations from Administration Board and Executive Direction.

Executive Direction – The Direction, collegiate deliberation body, aims to execute the company administration and is in charge of, among others, exercise supervision and control of ECT administrative and operation activities, establishing internal norms required to guide these activities; proposing ECT annual budget and investment program;  assignment of Executive Direction members; changes in Corporate Capital; ECT staffing and compensation Plan;  Target Plan and payment of profits and results participation to employees; changes in ECT statute; celebration of commercial partnerships that add value to the brand and provide more efficiency to infrastructure, in particular to its service network, obeying Executive Power regulations; and approval of acts, agreements, contracts and covenants, according to Statute; authorize sale, by third parties, of stamps and other postal franchising forms, as well as fabrication, importation and use of postage meters and matrices for stamping or postage stamps; monitoring of ECT activities and results; assessment of   investments strategies, capital, and fundraising; and fixation, readjustment and reviewing of prices and premiums ad valorem related to remuneration of services rendered by ECT in competition regime.

Vice-Presidencies – In charge of supervising results of activities related to its action are, in terms of Executive Direction internal rules; promote quality and efficiency of services in its area; elaborate norms proposal for Executive Direction appreciation; work along other corporate management members to execute strategic planning goals and targets; and execute other assignments defined by the Administration Board.

Departments and same level bodies – Planning, norms elaboration, coordination and sector control bodies, hierarchically tied to Vice-Presidency, which contain functional departmentalization criteria, according to Correios Statute.

Transactional Services Units – Bodies that carry out company transactional activities, technically and administratively tied to Central Administration.

Regional administration – The company regional administration is carried out by twenty eight Regional Directions, which are bodies in charge of executing services in regional ambit, and will exert their activities with functional subordination to departments.  

Central Administration


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